International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF)

After Imi long time served for the IDF, he retired in 1964 and continued teaching Krav Maga to civilians as well as law enforcement units. The Krav Maga Association was formed by Imi and his students 1978. The purpose of the association was to promote the techniques of Krav Maga locally and throughout the world.

Once Krav Maga spread outside of the Israel, Imi decided to form an international federation. International Krav Maga Federation was established by Imi and several of his student by 1995. Today Master Avi Moyal is the chairman of IKMF who was among the founders of IKMF.

Today IKMF spread 83 different countries in the world. Each country runs by its own country director and connects to the IKMF Head Quarter. That provides all IKMF schools provides one common training frequently updated by the HQ.